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About DentalPharm:

DentalPharm is the one of the nation's leading dental compound pharmaceutical companies. We provide dental organizations a simple means to order both dental in office-use and patient home-use products quickly and easily. We offer customized dental products and medications that can not be provided by most commercial prescriptions and over the counter products. Our pharmacy is one of the highest accredited compound pharmacies and has specialized in patient care with several years of experience.

Compound formulations are specialized to enable dentist's to provide patients a comfortable and pain-free experience. Formulations include numbing agents and topical anesthetic gels such as TriCaine Blue and TAC-4 with a variety of combinations. For "caine sensitive" patients, try our Dyclonine formulations.

Other effective products are for pediatric applications, pain and discomfort and other common oral symptoms and treatments.

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Products Shipped Quickly and Directly to your Office

Topical Anesthetics Include:

  • TriCaine Blue
  • Dyclonine Rinse
  • TAC-4 Alternate
Compounding Dental Applications
by Shannon W. Fields, BA, CPhT, Pharmacy Times, Feb. 1, 2007

New Product Review: TriCaine Blue and Dyclonine Topical Anesthetic
by Joe Steven, Jr., DDS, April 2010



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